Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mertlich Reunion 2010

Mason at a library day with the firefighters

Getting ready for the picture

The shot of the kids and their spouses
Bundy, Vicki, Dan, Julie, Dan, Wendy, Andrew, Holly, Brigham, Kristi, Donna, and Scott

Got Suzanne in there on the left, and Fred in there on the right

Hyrum and Eva's kids...Dave, John, MaryJo, and Fred

These are the Fred's cousins and Aunt Evelyn (front black pants)...I didn't pay enough attention to name the rest for you, although you can find Fred and his siblings.

Went to Brig and Kristi's house in Paradise, UT I told Nolan I would post any bad shot he gave me.

These are cousins too....Rachael, Cali, Kadee, Dylan, Olivia, Mariah, Porter, Nolan, Mason, and Elizabeth

They all wanted a goofy

Dan B, Brig, Kristi, Wendy, and Dan M

Porter took a picture for me so that I could sneak in there.....and Olivia too :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dylan went on a road trip with Dan for work, these are some of the sights they saw, these are stones, blue glass type stuff.
The time I went with Dan, Fred's arm was hanging from the dinosaur's mouth

Found Fred Flintstones car

Thursday, July 1, 2010

pictures retrieved from my phone

Mariah and Dylan, these are some pictures that Mariah retrieved from my phone for me to post on my blog, this way I can see them too!!! Way too small on the phone.
Nolan and Mariah

Austin in one of his most favorite shirts, thanks Jason

Mason after a visit to the dentist, we sure had some laughs with him.

Oh I love the detail that I can see now that the picture is bigger. Gunner, that's not a bandanna like I thought is it??? And poor little Paisley has an owie on her forehead, stitches too huh?

What a cute big brother

Oh I'm so glad you send me these pictures on my phone Jason, I love them!!, and I miss those little ones.

Some pictures of Kendall that Aimee sent me, I'm so glad I can see what a cutie she is.

Not the best quality, but fun for me to see

Kendall maybe a little younger, might have been on my phone for a while.

Maddison and Ryan

Maddison cooking pancakes, She's growing up. I'm glad Diana sends me pictures on my phone too.