Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunset from my driveway

Justin and Afton's wedding 09/09/09 in the Boise Idaho Temple, it was really nice and fun to get to see family that I haven't gotten to see for way to long. Justin's blogspot has some more pictures, so check it out, he also has a couple videos of the goats fainting.

Ryan, Nolan, Dylan, Mariah, Mason, Justin, Afton, Me, and Dan

My wonderful Sister, Heidi and her baby Joshuah, he wanted to get into the fountain

Wayne's got a story going, although his audience is small, I'm sure it was good.

Mariah, my mom, Mason and Becky

Becky and Wayne, Ryan, Dylan, Nolan Suzanne and Grandpa Fred

Trying for the fountain again.

Nolan, Dylan, Mason and Uncle Wayne in the FREEZING hotel pool

we went to the reception after the short swim and I didn't get any pictures there, so none of Austin and his fiance Sarah. darn

What a surprise we ran into ZZ Top, Logan

breakfast at the hotel, our last bit of our short reunion

Back home
I took these couple pictures because the sky in the background shows the storm that's rolling in, even though we're in the bright sun and heat.

I dropped my camera and had to see if it still worked, Dan didn't like me checking it on him.