Monday, May 11, 2009

Dan and I went to a car show here in St George, it's NOTHING like the Good Guys car show and swap meet in Puyallup at the fair grounds, but it's what we have here. I took a few pictures for the boys, Ryan, Jason, Logan, Justin or Austin dad would have much rather been there with one of you.

I saw Willie Nelson sitting in a car and had to take a picture, I know he's a dummy but it's Willie, OH you mean it's a manikin.

We have an irrigation ditch in the back of our property and the boys cleaned out a fort area under the tree, and put a bridge over the water.
it's actually hot, but Nolan had on a "wife beater" tank undershirt, and I told him I won't take a picture of him in that, so he threw on his jacket, also the boys don't usually walk around in black socks and shorts, the picture was taken after church when they changed all their church clothes except their socks, cute huh?

Dan found a diesel tractor, it's a guy thing but he's having fun with it.

Went to Enterprise to clean and paint the house there, Mason wanted to help so I gave him the little corner to paint. I came out of the other room and saw just how he was helping!!

Back in St George, our roses are blooming and are beautiful and smell so good

Mason took these close ups of the roses. I was impressed

Mason and Dylan in front of the house with some of the roses in the background.