Saturday, July 26, 2008

OH NO my baby is growing up
these were some sad few days
for Julie when we noticed loose teeth
on her baby
Mason thinks it's great, two teeth out
in one day

Nolan found a red bow tie and cummerbund
in Austin's stuff and was excited that it matched
his suit lining
just dressing up for fun

Justin and Dan took a wildland firefighter course together
here they are in their PPE's (personal protective equipment)
aren't they handsome?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Father's Day week-end our Elder Justin
Mertlich came home from the Canada Halifax
Dan, Grandpa Fred, Justin, Dylan, Nolan, Mason and Kadee
Grandpa, Suzanne, and the Barney's came for the week-end

After the talk in Sacrament
we went to Mesquite Nevada for some fun in the sun
well, starting MondayJustin, Mariah, Mason, Nolan, Mandy, Dylan, & Kadee
at the pool in Mesquite
Love the swim cap

we have polygamists here in.. well, all of Utah, and they have a certain
look, besides the clothing difference kind of pioneer looking,
the hair on the women is never cut and
they put a BIG swooptie poof in the front...
here's Mariah's plig look

Notice Justin's missionary tan?

Mariah and Mandy had a hair color swap, not even planning it

we had fun, I could have stayed here forever


Nolan got his first black eye and was pretty proud of it
he got a ball to the face during one of his little league games.