Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mariah and Nolan had spring break from school in Enterprise. It's been hard letting them continue attending in Enterprise while we spend only the week-end together, so this was fun to spend this time together in St George playing in the COLD pool water, that wasn't crystal clear yet.
Yep she did it again, the hair color changed again. Of course I love the blond that is more natural for her, but what can I say.

Dylan and Mason

Nolan just a blur


Mason the movie star

We got a palm tree and Dan was busy digging the hole for it!!!

Before Jr Prom

She had to do this alone in Enterprise, so I have no more pictures of this night

Why do I get ugly looks when I ask him to smile for a picture?

Kolob state park up near Cedar City, it was pretty!, look at the road it's the same color as the cliffs and it's paved.

We have had such fun with family coming to visit around Easter time, we had Jason, Tiffany, Gunner and Paisley, and at the same time Grandpa Fred and Suzanne were here, it was so fun to have a lot of people here. Paisley loved Mason, and the feeling was mutual, in fact, Mason told me he loved me and if he was older he'd want to marry me, then he added but if Paisley was older then he'd have a decision to make.

We went to the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center for an Easter egg hunt in the pool, it was crazy and crowded. Gunner did pretty good with a few pool toys gathered in his basket, here's a few of them.

Gunner with the tube suit, wanted to be in the middle of the jet of water ( Nolan is laying down)

Dylan following Gunner with Jason watching close by

Nolan Gunner and Dylan

Another smile for me pose

Love the rubber boots, we laughed remembering Mason calling them his rubber-band boots, and then when we moved to So Utah, they were called by all the farmers and their kids "irrigation boots" makes sense huh?

Mason dressed up as Spider Man and the kids had fun watching him most of my pictures of this fun time turned out blurry. Gunner wanted to put the suit on and did the same crawling on the floor thing that Mason did, it was cute, but the only picture of Gunner in the suit is the water break below.

After Grandpa and Suzanne left, but before Jason and Tiffany left, Justin brought Afton for us to meet her, so we just continued the fun, then Jason and Tiffany left and we spent some more time with Justin and Afton, here we are at Del Taco with Justin showing us his food, nice.

St George Temple at dusk Dylan and Mason in the picture.

Through the window of the visitors center

Just an hour after Justin and Afton left to head back to Boise, they were involved in an accident, luckily it was at an intersection after getting gas in Cedar City, not on the Freeway. They are fine, no one hurt, but the car has seen better days.