Thursday, June 10, 2010

Austin the groom

Sarah and her dad

We've had a nest of Kill Deer birds in our parking area, we've been watching them and enjoying their fake broken wing if we come too close to the nest (in the gravel), well they hatched

This morning when I went out to look the Dad and the three that had hatched were gone, but the mom was there with the last one who had hatched, and by the afternoon, even she and the youngest were gone. wow that was fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Graduate!

With one of her best friends Sara Naegle. The school has the graduates go out in the hall and stand in a reception line so that people can congratulate them. Only in a small school huh?

Dylan at Baker Dam Reservoir our ward had a Father Son camp out here

The roses are in bloom and smell so sweet

Mason wrote a story for Maddison, before he mailed it off, I took a picture to save. It's based on a true story with some embellishments. Do you recognize Ryan's story of "Stucki" from a previous blog?

These videos are at graduation, the first one is of part of the video they played at graduation, where each student had a baby picture, then child picture, then their graduation picture, I missed her baby picture while pressing record. The second one Mariah loved because I didn't know I pressed the record button. And the last is the whole 2010 graduating class of Enterprise High School, all 53 of them. oops the last video didn't work.