Monday, June 29, 2009

We went to a car show in Mesquite while Grandpa Fred and Suzanne were visiting, it was fun and hot. I they also had an open header contest (loud), a slow drag (that was funny, about a 20ft course, no gas, no brake, last one with all four tires over the 2x4 wins), and a burn out contest, I have a video of that I'm going to email to my boys, if you want to see it let me know.

Ryan with two of the three baby goats we got!

Ryan, Dylan and Nolan, my corn in the background has tassels and ears on them now.

Mason loves the girl goat

This is the littlest baby boy, he loves Mariah and lays his head on her, do you think she loves him too?

Aunt Kristi found them for us and helped us get them, they're fainting goats!!! so far we haven't seen them faint, we don't want to scare them too bad yet.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Austin sanding by his truck, the boy does not like getting his picture taken and I had to talk him into getting this guy shot to send to Logan because he would appreciate the truck.

Now this is a shot which only those possessing testosterone would appreciate, it is not a girl thing only a guy thing.

Long story so read it if you want the history of this mountain or skip it if you don't have time.
About the time that Molly Mertlich was born (2 years ago?) Grandpa Fred was visiting and during a trip into St George, he told me a story about him as a kid, each time they would drive into Southern Utah, his parents would tease him about some mountain formation named "Molly's Nipple" he said he was 12 and that would embarrass him so they would continue to do that. I'd never seen the formation and Grandpa Fred didn't know exactly where it was. So about a year later, as I was reading one of my LDS fictions, it told about Orin Porter Rockwell having a friend in a Lady named Molly something who ran a house of ill repute, and he named a number of mountain formations after her, as I read that in the book, I knew that part must not be fiction, and one of them had to be "Molly's Nipple". Then a few months later, as Dan and I were looking at houses we went into Hurricane looking at this house at the foot of a mountain, it was a beautiful setting, I looked up and couldn't believe my eyes, I was looking at what had to be that formation. Every time I see it now, I have to laugh, and from each side of the mountain, the formation doesn't change.

I have a couple "budding" photographers Dylan took these shots and the ones of the basket ball shooting, Nolan helped with those, I'm so glad that I can just delete them when were done, so go for it guys.

This is Dylan. Is it a trick shot?

This is Nolan

On a trip with Dan while he was out for work, we stopped by Bryce Canyon, I'd never been there, WOW and pictures don't do it justice.

The wind was really blowing and filled up his shirt....I'm serious....I'm not lying, see it blew right down his shirt sleeve and into the front? But the picture was so good I had to use it.

Required family activity, we are heading out to the Dinosaur Tracks, only about 10 miles from our house 8 of it on a dirt road. I had so much fun.

We're going to walk where the dinosaurs walked.

somewhere out there

Yikes are we having fun yet?

look! there they are

This one was a small one

Mason found what he claims is a Pterodactyl fossil he's pointing to its eye.

Look in a line in front of Mason, do you see those big tracks?

Each of his hands are pointing to separate tracks!

Another trip to the dirt road so Nolan would have a chance to drive the jeep.