Thursday, August 20, 2009

Justin came for a visit in hopes of putting his car back together, that didn't happen, but while he was here, I took a few pictures. Mason has trouble cooperating for pictures.

We're standing in front of the grapes, they were good, but the birds got to them faster than we could get to them.

A night time swimming party with the camera flash on, while Justin was here, Nolan was at scout camp.

with out the flash

I had picked up a picture frame with 9 picture slots, one for each of my kids, so after church I asked them each to pose for a shot, and got one of Dan and I too.

some thought it was funny/stupid

some didn't want to cooperate

and some did

now I just need to get one of Austin, and have Jason and Logan send me one or better yet...come for a visit and I'll take one!!!

I thought this was fun, they didn't

LOOK AT MY GARDEN, I normally don't like gardening, but I'm getting lots of cucumbers and tomatoes, and cantaloupe, they are sooo good

and look at that watermelon, it was so good and sweet. School has started here on August 13th way too early.

Happy Birthday Mason
Happy Birthday Uncle Bud too I guess a few others like TJ Hanni, friend Ben George, and Mariah's friend Sara Naegle.