Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mason working on his pinewood durby car for cub scouts

There it is, it needed more weight, so they glued a big nut in the seat...Mason named it "the Nut behind the wheel"...He did very well, but didn't place for a trophy.

Justin was cooking some food for us on a very windy day and it kept blowing out the flame, so he put Nolan and Mason to work keeping the wind away.

Pack meeting where Mason got his Wolf award, here they are doing a silly cheer, I'm one of the Wolf leaders! First time with one of my boys, can you believe it, with all those boys, I was never in cub scouts with them...without them but not with them.

Mason being awarded his Wolf

Pinning on my mothers pin.

Mason and I were going on a walk together, and he saw a chew can, and picked it up, I said eweww put that down, then I had a flash back to when Dad came home from the construction site with a Copenhagen can with a cut off finger in it...I will never forget that. So we went home and got it all together....Dan, Dylan, Nolan, and Justin will never forget this either....They fell for it for a while, it was great fun.

Man I love being a mom to boys......well.....and a girl

On Memorial Day we went to Toquerville to see the grave of my great, great grandfather John Conrad Naegle, Dad found it on Grave search .com, so we went there and took some pictures for us all. Kind of cool.

Roses from our front yard!

Flags were there on all the military head stones!