Thursday, November 20, 2008

I saw Mason trying to put a school picture into his FBI badge that he was making, and he said "I wish I was wearing a suit and sunglasses in my picture." Well I could make that happen, so here's what he made and then played for a while "Erresting" people.

Mariah took my camera while we were looking at a house for sale, here's what she took.

Dylan has turned 10

Not the best picture of some of them, but they had fun Justin, Mason, Dylan and Ryan

Mariah's new boyfriend, he's kind of rough and pretty intense, not the best dancer.

OK it's a statue at some Elks hall in St George

MandyBarney had a softball tournament in St George and they invited us to it and to the pool at their hotel, the kids had fun for many hours, here's Kadee and Dylan

Mason and Dylan

Kadee, Mason and Dylan

Mason, Kadee and what's left of Dylan We had fun in the sun of St George

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm back after a long remodel of our local library, where I use the Internet to
post on my blog, I'm back and have a long list of pictures to share.
Ryan has moved here with us in Utah, he's not too happy about it,
but he's going to get some vocational rehabilitation and that will be good for him.
He brought his dog Lacy with him, Dan loves that...NOT

We got a wonderful visit from Jason, Tiffany, Gunner and Paisley
here is Aunt Mariah holding Paisley (about a month old)

Mason and Gunner on the lawn mower

Gunner on Grandpa's tractor

We found a praying mantis, Gunner and I had fun looking at and playing with it.

I had been following Gunner around from one four wheeled item to another, then he heard the construction going on across the street at the High School, and that's all it took, he was off to those wheeled (tractors) All I could do was follow him.

I made him stop at the curb, he wasn't too happy with the front row seat, he wanted the drivers seat.

Back at home, he even likes the two wheeled vehicles
even if they're meant for the barbies. Jason says he tries to ride on anything he sees.

Me holding and enjoying little Paisley, knowing it will be a long time
between visits

Mariah's support for football player #57 during one of the home games,
he works with her at Tucks, the little fast food place in Enterprise, in fact
he's the owners son.

Tons of fun at Tiffany's grandmas pool in St George
Austin, Mason, Dylan, Jason, Justin, Nolan, and Ryan in the back
loving the sun and the water.
The muscle pose for some of them

Mariah playing with her hair

We had a private concert from Hannah Montana
she was so cute!!!

Mariah is desperate for a sister, scary what a beautiful girl
Dylan would make.

Mariah's first Date
she still claims IT WASN'T A DATE
just friends going to a dance.

Dylan is proud of his black eye
is it a boy thing?
he got it horsing around with friends and a football

Dan, Mason, and I went for a couple hour ride and saw some beautiful landscapes
and saw three seasons, it was fun.

Mason claims that these are KING KONG'S castles

OW, poor little Mason "got bounced off the trampoline by Justin"
and hit the only little rock in the soft dirt.
as I sat and calmed him on the swing, I could see the scull under the cut
it reminded me of Logan's accident when he was about two years old, when he pulled the
hamster cage down on his forehead, and cut to the scull. I knew Logan survived
so Mason would too and had Justin take a picture.
sorry about the morbid pictures, but it was intriguing.
he was so tired from the worry and crying about needing
stitches, that he fell asleep during the 5 stitches in the under
layer and the 7 stitches on the outer layer.
He had some VERY worried brothers, they went off the say their own
little prayers for him, Dylan made him some nice posters to come home to,
and we hope we all learned to obey the rule of only one person on the tramp at a time
And all is well!!!!

In our house shopping looking and longing, we found a great street
that we looked at 5 years ago, and we were reminded of this Egbert ranch
I know I've got to be related somehow, there aren't that many Egberts out there