Monday, January 25, 2010

We've had a few days of stormy weather here, not the typical blue skies and sunshine, in fact, It seemed like we were in Washington with all the rain we got in a couple days, but then it cleared out and the clouds lifted and this is what we saw!!!, it had snowed in the higher elevations. This is Pine Valley Mountain. The boys in Enterprise got a couple feet of snow in that storm. Enterprise kind of is behind that mountain.

Car show in Mesquite, this was the car I took a picture to show the kids, they didn't want to go.

Mariah and Ryan got new glasses from an awesome web site with complete glasses for $8, Mariah's were $8, Ryan paid a little more because he had tinted lenses for $5 more.

This pair of Mariah's was $12.95, not bad though! I gotta pass along the deals when I find them, especially when you don't have insurance that covers eye glasses.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I got a new camera for Christmas (my old one broke) so here are some pictures I just took to check it out, missed any Christmas ones. Oh well.

The goats think they're dogs, and the dog thinks she's a goat, when I feed them hay, she eats it too, and growls at them when they try to eat her dog food. Of course the goats don't like the dog.
He's talking to them not spitting on them.

Went with Dan for a drive to do a job, I always enjoy the scenery

In this cute little town called Centerville I found Fred Flintstones car!! Where's Fred??

OH NO, I think I found out where Fred went

More pretty scenery in the area where "My Friend Flicka" was filmed, Dan's family (MacFarlane) owns the ranch and house where it was filmed, I was too slow getting the camera out, so this is around there. Those are lamas walking in the field.

The sun only shines on half of the trees, isn't that crazy?