Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Halloween month!!!
this was Justin's creation
some ghostly swimming! Dylan was moving too fast for the shutter speed

I just needed the flash on!

skim boarding on the pool



Dan's birthday Sept 2

Nolan taking off his football uniform after the game

We can watch conference at home on our TV without paying for it!!!! See the little rabbit ears hanging down from the TV? Dylan had the wonderful idea to watch the Prophet from the door of their tent like the people of King Benjamen. We were impressed and let them set up the tent in the family room, all was well until I decided to look inside the tent....he was reading a novel...the little twerp. I took the book with a smile and conference went on well.

Mason is a cub scout and I'm his wolf den leader!! First time, with all these boys that I've been their den leader. cool huh?

Pictures sent to me on my phone. too small for me to see, so I post them.
this is Logan working on a car at Millers, so Quinn is helping.
Ryan at the fair with Mariah, another favorite shirt (thanks Jason), Mariah said he spent about 10 min. playing with the Mastiff dogs.Maddison's first day of 2nd grade.

Gunner just like dad

More just like dad

and OH NO more just like dad

blurry shot of Ryan and Maddison at the fair, in my small shot, I couldn't see that they were in front of the zibra. I'd like a zibra

Ryan and Maddison

Logan and Josie

Logan and Emma (Josie's daughter)


Kendall having fun at preschool

Mason shopping with Justin, I think they had a fiesta after this trip to the dollar store

Kendall coloring I love all my pictures sent to me on my phone, thanks Jason, Diana, Mariah, Josie, Justin and Aimee.