Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 23 rd Birthday Justin

He works in St George, lives in Enterprise, about an hour away, so when he works late and then needs to work early (this time 3:30 am) he'll spend the night at our house. That's why no Afton or Mariah, they were in Enterprise.

we were watching a movie and Mason fell asleep, but we found him with one eye open, we all had a good laugh before we closed it for him and moved his hand away.

The wind blew in these big tumble weeds. Hey the house in the back is for sale!!! Move here and be our neighbors!

I got to go to Salt Lake for General conference held in the Conference Center!! What an amazing place, and it held sooo many people, we had a fun, little bit of a reunion too.

Mom, me, Wayne, Becky, Bryce and Jordie

We stayed at Merlin and Maria's house, then had a few more visitors for a couple hours, On the back row, Maria, Merlin, Eunice, Aunt Barbara, her grand-daughter, Tiffany, Me, Afton (Justin is taking the picture), Becky, and at the table, Mom & Aunt Helen, with Wayne & Uncle David.

I kept telling the boys how tall Bryce has gotten, so we pulled a quick one and took this funny picture of me squatting down to make him taller, I was laughing too hard to fool them when I got home and showed them.

I would normally not use such ugly pictures of me. The advantage of me being the one posting the pictures on the blog, is that I get to decide, but just look at the joke we did with photo manipulation, not at me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stucki the dino

Nolan's shoes after dirt sliding down the hill.

Spring Break for the Barney's and they came and spent some time with us! The end of March

Mason, Mandy, Kadee and Mariah posing at the top of "Stucki" hill, Ryan claims to have found dinosaurs up on this hill, so we all went with him for a hike. There is a corner marker up there with a family name on it, Stucki, pronounced with a long u, but Ryan has named his dinosaur Stucki because it's stuck there. we all had fun playing around.

Mandy and Kadee



Oh no Mason hang on!!! Ryan's got you

Too much fun to be in danger huh?

See the vans WAY down there? Lucky for Justin, Ryan got to him just in the nick of time.

The pile of rocks show where the corner marker is with the name "Stucki" on it. Afton, Gideon, her brother who just got back from a mission and was visiting them for the week, Mariah, Mandy, and Kadee, that's Ryan's hand up showing Mandy something, I can see his cowboy hat up behind Mandy's head.

Justin and Nolan

This is "Stucki" see the eye, nose and ear, as pointed out by Ryan

views from all around
What we saw when we got to the top and looked down

Justin, Ryan, Afton, Gideon,Mandy,Mariah, Nolan, Kadee, Mason, and Aunt Wendy. There's a video at the end of this blog showing how some of the boys got down. It's taking sooo long to upload, that I'm only doing this one video, I have more

Afton with her brother Gideon at a park near our house where we had a picnic with Uncle Dave, Aunt Karen and their family, we had some fun and some good food.

Wendy, Dan B, and Dan M

in the back is Austin and his fiance Sarah, hanging on every word from Dan

Kadee, Mariah, Mandy, and Mason

to the way left in Hyrum and sitting, his new fiance, then Dylan, Nolan, Kadee, Mariah, Chris' wife, Trina, Mandy with her back to us and up front Aunt Karen holding....I'm not sure who, it looks like Mason but it could be her grandson. No, I looked at the shirt, it is Mason.

At another time, the kids and I are out by the fire pit I made with a propane gas ring, I can't figure out how to rotate the picture