Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Which would you choose to fill up at.....1.67 a gal or 2.49 a gal, gee I think I might drive to the next station. They've since gotten more competitive on their price. Today gas was at 1.41 at the Smiths store.

I was helping with the Kindergarten class and got to look at their "I'm thankful for..." papers, I saw paper after paper that looked like church papers instead of school papers, it warmed my heart and I had to share this one with you, I don't remember who wrote it but it was precious.

Ryan and Dylan at the Ward Christmas Party, good food and a great nativity program by the primary children.

Mason and Nolan

Of course pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Nolan is sooo excited to be on Mrs. Claus' lap!!!

"Stocking Stuffers" a play that the High School put on. Mariah played a doll in one of the scenes, we thought she was just the cutest doll, she's our doll.

Mariah on the left, after "the people" leave, the dolls come to life.

The funniest part was when she sat down on the bed and her shoe went flying off, she kept her cool and went on as if nothing had happened, here she is with out one shoe, I think the blob in the right corner is the shoe.

singing carols with the audience and Santa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nolan!! He is now a teen-ager, says he doesn't feel any different, boy is Dylan happy to be there? he didn't want to be in the picture.

Dylan, Mariah, NOLAN, Ryan, and Mason

Well, we all got the same storm, some just got a little more snow than others. It's night so the pictures are a little dark, they're across the street at the High School.

Nolan, Mason, Ryan and his dog Lacey, and Dylan


Dylan in back with the snow ball, Nolan in his snow cave, and Mason in front

Lacey checking out the snow cave Nolan was in