Friday, February 25, 2011

Red Robbin hot air balloon landing just around the corner from our house.....

Is that where they get the beef for their hamburgers???

Jason and Tiffany and their family came for a fun visit and to bless Harper, the big boys went for a motor bike ride... oops Austin wasn't ready for the picture

Jason, Ryan, Mason, Justin, Dan, and Austin

It took some work getting all those men in the cab of Austin's truck

....they fit!

A critter that Jason saw under our trampoline, He and Mason caught it and put it in a cat cage..

It was not very happy with us and hissed...well I guess there was no noise, but it was not happy it looks kind of like Heidie's rodent.... about a week later, Mason went to a museum and said they had one there (stuffed) and they said it was a mountain beaver?

Jason and Harper, on her blessing day, February 6th 2011
We were so excited to have them here. so it was done in our ward...hey that's a pemco pen in your pocket isn't it Jason....Dad's are starting to run out of pens ever though.

getting everyone together for a was hard work

someone is a little bossy

But it worked
left to right....Tiffany's mom holding Gunner, her sister(hiding) Aunt, Grandma, Fred (peeking out) Tiffany holding Paisley, Suzanne, Jason holding Harper, Afton, Ryan, Nolan, Sarah, Dylan, Austin, Dan and me, and Mason in the front. Oh, I just saw that Ryan was holding up the rabbit ears behind Jason's head. He will never grow up...remember the picture of the kids I had taken at a studio when Mariah was a baby...The picture never came in and I they sent it to me in the mail for no charge....Well, Mariah was crying, eyes were everywhere, and Ryan was holding rabbit ears over Jason's head..They photographer must have been in trouble for not catching all those mistakes....but I love it now

Tiffany's Grandma Shauna, Paisley, Tiffany Jason and Harper, Fred and Dan.
Gunner's head leaving all the nonsense.

What a beautiful family...I wish I could turn it for this blog, but I needed it this way for my wall at home, so that's how I took it.
Cute pictures of the kids.....

Aren't they precious???? notice Gunner's tats?