Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mason likes to take things apart...I give him what ever stops working and he goes at it...

Dylan at a concert for his 6th grade class

Dylan got part of a new skateboard(the deck) for his 12th birthday, looking at the small picture the computer shows...I didn't know he was making such a face....Oh well

he wanted to go to the skate park for his birthday, so I took him and a friend "Triston" to the park for a couple hours.

Now that he's 12, the "mexistash" had to go....Dylan's first shaving...When I caught him with my camera, he didn't like it. Once again, Oh well


Thanks giving 2010...Not too big of a crowd this year..The Barney family came and Justin, Afton is in Boise with her family, and Austin and Sarah went to her Grandparents house in Enterprise. They stopped in later. Mason has a turkey that Aunt Wendy brought, on his head..the game was that he would go around the table and peck someone on the head. That person got to share one thing that they were grateful for. Your turn Justin!

You're next Mandy. See the cute little turkey cups...everyone got one from Aunt Wendy, then a pen went around and we got to write on the feathers what we were grateful for.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to think!!!

Nolan's last game of the season, towards the end of October, there was a storm brewing in the sky, it was beautiful, I tried to catch lightning in the distance..but couldn't

Nolan's football team...Desert Hills Thunder. Nolan is on the second row, far left, second from the left, they were posing at the goal post and I was in the stands, so I'm glad this turned out as well as it did from sooo far away.

After the game, as the JV game was going on, Nolan's team is all 9th grade.

The sky got darker and darker, and the lightning closer and closer, then they announced for everyone to exit the field and to leave the stands, it was kind of exciting, but scary because two weeks prior to this game a couple high school boys were struck by lightning just as school let out and they were waiting for their ride is still in the hospital, and neither well enough to get back to school....yikes.

Some fun October pictures

I'm a lunch lady at an elementary school close by, I dressed up for Halloween, but needed 3 hair nets to cover the high tower.

The real costume, I had a cute little firefighter to protect me.....the trick or treating happened on Saturday!!! NONE on the Sabbath, it was so exciting. What a community/State. I love it.