Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dylan's 11th Birthday

Only in Utah

I found this post in my drafts....I guess I never finished it, So a little over a year ago, these were taken

the drags in Mesquite

Yikes, a cafe in a little town in Utah

Big buck elk on a farm

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mason dressed up in Nolan's football uniform, Desert Hills Middle School....Thunder football, Nolan's pretty excited to practice and work out and play.

First day of school, Aug 10th ...Yep it's way still summer, Dylan is in a new school, he's in 6th grade, where they are in an intermediate school (6th and 7th grade) Sunrise Ridge Intermediate. I asked him to step out of the van for a picture next to the school sign.... are you kidding, he wouldn't budge, but he'd smile from the front seat.

Mason first day of 2nd grade

I actually took the picture in front of the school earlier in the morning when I took Dylan to school, then back home to wait for the bus, so here he goes.

Mason made a couple shirts, one for Gunner and one for him to keep!

The picture doesn't do the scene justice, there were huge flocks of birds flying in huge V's through the sky, it really was something to see.

We've watched this corn patch grow from seeds, many times we drive by Nolan comments how fun it would be to go through one, would they get lost, would they get scared not being able to see anything for ever??? so we dropped them off at one end and drove to the other end to pick them up.
I got nervious waiting because it took them longer than I thought it should, so I was glad to see them come out.
They said it was fun, but their arms itched.

Happy Birthday to Mason Aug 17th!!!

Now the big baptism day!!!! Aug 28, 2010
Nolan and Jacob Rainey were the two from our ward for the month of Aug.
WOW, I told him I would put it on the blog, it didn't stop his wacko faces. The two boys each picked someone from their family to give a prayer and a talk. Without planning, they each picked their teenage brothers for the talks, so Nolan gave the baptism talk and Jacob's brother gave the Holy Ghost we started the baptism at 11:20, had an opening song, prayer, baptism talk, and the Holy Ghost talk. Then walked out in the hall to go to the RS room where the font is, but a previous baptism was still in there, we looked at our watches and it was 11:25... it took 5 min for all that.... the talks were good and short.

The Mertlich group that was at the baptism, Justin (Afton was in Boise), Dan, Nolan, Dylan, Me, Austin, Sarah, and front and center...Mason. We also missed having Ryan there (he's in Washington) and Mariah (she's in Washington, nannying for Aunt Holly and Uncle Andrew)