Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy birthday to Jason today!!! Wish we could be with you

I don't know how many times I've read this book with my children as they were learning to read, but this is the first time that the story affected the child like this. Mason is reading these short books, and as he was reading this one to me, about Bob who hops on the bus with his dog, and a few other people hop on. Then at the "lot", they proceed to hop off, last being Bob, but the dog is left on the bus, Mason was so sad for Bob, who sobbed and sobbed, that he began to cry, I thought it was so cute and tender, I had to get my camera with the excuse I was going for a tissue.
Not to worry, the story ends well, with Pops the bus boss, getting the dog back to Bob. I recommend this book!!

It finally warmed up a couple days here and the snow started melting, then the rains came, but that didn't keep us out of it, our feet are still webbed you know. Mason wanted to make a boat and sail it down the flowing gutters. We had a couple people driving by who commented about us being the only ones out in the rain, which was true. I thought that was the end, but just a day later, it turned cold again and now we have about 15 inches of snow again and still coming down.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mason having fun with Grandpa Fred Mertlich during a visit just before Christmas

Ryan's birthday Dec 22nd, there's a lot of candles on that cake huh?

27 to be exact

Dylan, Ryan, Mariah, Nolan, and Mason

The snow kept coming and made for a white Christmas, and some shoveling, notice Mason's bike buried to the right.

Mason, Nolan and Julie. The snowplows bury us, see the bank behind us, the school is what's across the street.

The snow is still here, but melting some during the day and freezing at night, here is a neighbors house with the longest ice cycles I've ever seen

everywhere I went this day, I saw ice cycles backed by the beautiful sun, it was really fun to see

I'm a little slow, but this is why we put ice cycles on our Christmas trees, it really happens in nature.

Mariah got the "Student of the Month" for the month of January in the 11th grade. They had a nice luncheon for the students and their parents, and a letter from the teacher who submitted her name.

Mason got to bring "Wrinkles" home from school and enjoy him for a weekend, then write about the fun they had, he read "Puppies are Like That" to Wrinkles.

Then he had mom make Wrinkles some pajama pants. It is now Jan 22 and there is still enough snow on the ground that I can't see more than a patch of grass in our yard, but it is melting a bit. 45 min away in St George, it is warm enough that I had to take off my coat AND sweat shirt.