Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby Jaylee /trip to Jason & Tiffany's/ trip to Washington Summer 2012

Baby Jaylee born to Austin and Sarah October 7th 2011

Tiffany & Jason, with Harper, Paisley, and Gunner


Nate Eaton said...
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Nate Eaton said...


This message may seem a little odd but I'm reaching out to you because my wife and I have been asked to be on Tosh.0.

We are LDS and made a music video announcing that we are having another baby (

Given Tosh's humor, we are apprehensive about going on the show...but he seemed to treat you guys with respect and your segment was pretty clean and funny.

Did you guys set conditions before agreeing to do the show? Did you have a hard time working with producers/staff? Were they accommodating?

Any insight you have would be great as we're on the fence about doing this.

Thanks so much.

Nate Eaton
Richmond, VA